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Developmental Editing, Line Editing,

Copyediting & Proofreading

Novel Editing • Book Editing

Literary | Genre | Young Adult

Portrait of a Book Editor


What Will I Provide Authors?

My approach is to honor the author’s “voice” and vision while facilitating dramatic structure, refining storytelling technique, and offering myself as a coach and mentor for the writing itself. I incorporate a deep-seated love and “feel” for the English language — and more than 25 years of book-editing experience — into the editing I provide.

What Can Authors Expect?

Respect for the author’s voice and vision, supported by honest, constructive feedback reinforced by analysis of key examples from the author’s text. By highlighting which elements are working most effectively in a manuscript, I try to provide authors with “ah ha” moments that provide insight into how plot, character, voice and writing style are actually impacting their readers — and how authors can then employ that knowledge to strengthen their book.


Who Am I, Editorially Speaking?

I have an M.A. in Creative Writing from Boston University and a B.S. in Geology from M.I.T. I like to say my editing synthesizes scientific precision and literary flair. To that end, whether editing Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, or The Next Great American Novel, when I edit your work, I will juxtapose my knowledge of the larger issues of fiction — dramatic structure, worldbuilding, alignment of internal struggle with external conflict — with respect for the emotional punch (or quiet tap) a logical, tightly constructed book can carry.

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